What will we have at the end of this process?

    The plan and process will:

    • Identify what types of housing is needed, with a focus on affordable housing.
    • Provide an overview of the housing market, available housing, and housing needs of the Greeley community over the next five to ten years.
    • Find where the best opportunities are for affordable housing.
    • Engage the community to learn about their options, preferences, and priorities for the future.
    • Explore the possibility of building affordable housing using the Subarea Plan.
    • Make recommendations based on community input for:
      1. Quality housing that is affordable for a wide range of households.
      2. Preserving existing affordable housing.
      3. Offering new housing in older neighborhoods.
      4. Different types of housing.
      5. Thoughtful design in existing neighborhoods.
      6. Affordable housing illustrations, concepts, and design guidelines.

    What will the City of Greeley do with this study?

    The City of Greeley use this information to plan and invest in housing for all Greeley residents. The City will also consider policies that will speed up the process for priority developments. Finally, the City will share the results with partners so that they can also use the information and recommendations.

    Who is involved?

    A 16-member steering committee is leading this effort. Members bring expertise in housing development, real estate, advocacy, social services, education, finance, and economic development. 

    We will also talk with residents, advocacy groups, the Spanish-speaking community, and local housing experts who know these issues from different perspectives.

    How can I get involved?

    How can I get involved?

    Housing is an issue that impacts all of us! We’ll be working closely with the Greeley community during this process.

    We need your input!  

    The first opportunity to weigh in is an online public survey, which will be open February 28-March 31. Click here to take the survey! Please share the survey with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. 

    Please stay informed!

    We will also host listening sessions and pop-up events, and share updates along the way on this project page. Stay tuned for more opportunities to tell us what you think and learn more about housing.

    This is your housing strategy! Your thoughts and ideas are critical to our success.